Amber Dollarite

Amber is a certified Personal Trainer through ACSM & brings with her 10 years of physical therapy experience as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. After graduating with a degree in physical therapy from Jefferson College of Health Sciences, she also pursued a Bachelors degree in psychology from Liberty University & cultivated an awareness of the brain/body connection. She has experience working with injuries, creating exercise modifications, functional conditioning, pain free mobility, & balance/plyometric/agility training. She strives to captivate her clients interests, their desires for change, & works to create an individualized program that benefits her client both physically & mentally. She is an advocate for making exercise a priority in everyone’s daily life & is ready to unlock the inner motivation & drive within each of her clients. When she’s not in the gym or therapy clinic, she enjoys running, spending time at the beach with her three kids, & eating crunchy peanut butter from the jar.