April Brandt

April is a Certified Personal Trainer via NCCPT and has over 11 years in the professional health and fitness industry. She has grown to realize that the only competition that matters is the competition we find within ourselves. That the person next to you is not there to beat or be beaten but rather there to support you on your journey to self improvement and well being. She began personal training with a goal to make fitness fun and exciting again, and is here to support, guide, inspire, and educate those on the simplicities of health and wellness. Health and vitality mean different things to each and everyone of us and cannot be achieved overnight. It is a journey of learning what works for you and your body. It's a lifestyle and journey, not a 10 session or 1 month fix. April likes to step back and work on the "whole" project, not just working out but the other 23 hours in your day, eating, lifestyle, making better choices. This is how we truly change in a healthy and safe way.