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Feel the HY in our H.I.I.T classes by challenging your body beyond its limits! Dim lighting paired with a state of the art sound system will fuel your adrenaline & inner strength to get you out of your comfort zone. Options are always available to get the most out of every workout. Always challenging, always changing, never repeating the same workout twice. We focus on physique style training with a 6 day rotating schedule, designed for you to workout daily for a stronger, more proportionate physique, while allowing adequate recovery time for each muscle group. Please refer to the first class of the day on our schedule to see which muscle group we are targeting today!


Find yourself here


With Yoga teachings at our core, our LO classes string together a multitude of movement modalities that lengthen, strengthen, open, and balance your muscles and mind. Our instructors are there to guide you through every practice, through every page and level of your journey inward with both challenge and grace. Our classes are invitations to witness your own strength and growth beyond the physical body. Classes carry powerful music and guided instruction that vary in level, pace, and style, creating an inclusive space for everyone and every individual journey. Step beyond your comfort zone and find yourself here.

Everything about this place is unreal! The people, the vibe, the HYLO community. They push me to be the best version of myself. Coaches know me by name, every staff member is friendly and always willing to help us with anything we need. If you are not part of this community you are missing out. HYLO showed me there are so many things I never dreamed I would be able to do both in the HY and LO room. I am so happy, relieved, rejuvenated, and replenished after walking out of every class. This movement is unlike any other movement and I couldn’t be more blessed to be part of it.

Sonya K - Google Review

Best gym in the area for any style of fitness, from yoga, cardio classes, to strength training, they have it all in a fresh, clean package with an incredibly immersive night club like atmosphere that makes you forget you are working out. Excellent and knowledgeable staff there to assist and guide you, and all the facilities you'd need to feel completely comfortable and capable.

Cody Quinn - Google Review