Matthew Rodriguez

1.) Tell us your WHY - why are you in the industry of fitness and why did you want to become a Personal Trainer? I became a personal trainer because I wanted to help people. It’s always been a passion of mine, one that I found early on doing volunteer work for special needs children at Camp Barnabas. The feeling I get from helping people who are in need is unparalleled along with my love for fitness. So Personal Training was a perfect fit for what I wanted to do with my life!

2.) How did you get started with Personal Training? I originally wanted to become a nurse because of my love for helping people. But as I developed a love for fitness I knew this was really a way that I could affect change in people’s life in a similar way that was more in line with my passion for fitness.


3.) What is your experience in Personal Training (length of time) and what is your expertise or speciality? I’ve been a personal trainer for almost 2 years but been an athlete and involved in fitness most of my life. I wouldn’t say I have one specific expertise but am well experienced in several different areas.


4.) What types of clients have you seen the best results with? I absolutely love working with athletes, it presents a different type of challenge but I also feel very rewarded when working with clients who are new to fitness. Seeing them get excited when they reach new personal bests is a different type of special.


5.) What is your expertise // knowledge in nutrition? I am currently working on becoming an ACE Certified nutrition specialist.


6.) What do you love to do in your free time? I love being active, growing up in Alaska really woke me up to how much fun can be had in the outdoors and how good it is for the mind and soul. Hiking, camping, snowboarding or riding four wheelers and snow machines are high on the list!


7.) What is your favorite mantra? “Be optimistic,exhibit patience, shut your mouth, and execute” - Gary Vaynerchuck


8.) How do you practice Balance (Fitness Balanced) in your lifestyle? I try my best to give my mornings to myself. Reading and writing are key to success. Running is my meditation and movies are my relaxation.


9.) What are your certifications and are you pursuing any currently or in the future? Currently just certified personal trainer, soon to be nutrition certified. Strength and conditioning along with corrective exercise next.